Shazia Khan

I have always considered music as a food for soul, its this thought that empower me to strive and perk up your mornings.

Soon due to fealty to you, this show has turned from regimen into allegiance. 

Being inquisitive by nature I have always been a keen learner and motivated behind my pursue of neurosciences.

Human psyche always pique my interest and assimilating about it keeps me buoyed in life. Whenever I feel pressures of life consuming me I like to take a breather and go for a run to collect my thoughts.

Trotting around the globe is one of my guilty pleasures. My favourite escape will be to Swiss Alps, a snow covered heaven where I can make the most of skiing and relax at a cozy hut with a book to keep me some company.

Life Is What You Make It and its about transcending your circumstances, taking up the reins of your destiny, and living your life to the fullest.