Guddi Shah

Guddi Shah

Friday, 01 January 2016
Radio Jocks
Hello Everyone this is Guddi Shah!
It's my ultimate honor and privilege to host the morning show for Radio Dabang 1480am. From Monday-Friday 7-10am on "Your Musical Mornings with Guddi!"
I'm a morning person and love my mornings. I would like to transform the same positive vibes to all of you through my music and my talks. I would like to entertain you as well as educate you, give you that motivation in the morning! We have so much inspiration in our music, so much depth that we don't even realize at times. Our music is our core and runs like blood in our system.
Music is meditation to me...meditation which leads to wisdom. - G.S.

As you know, my past experiences in Broadcasting:

Radio Host - Scripted & On-Air executed the show name "Afternoon Delight!" from Monday- Friday 12-2pm on the Air Waves of 95.1fm and 1460am 

Radio Host - Scripted & On-Air executed the show name  "Saturday Mornings with Guddi" on 1480am every Saturday 7-10am

Talk show host at - Producing and Hosting On Air Radio show. Blended various topics like counseling on Marriage, Relationships, Faith, Fun, Trust, Karma. Touched on matters re sustaining ongoing relations with encountering drawbacks of your significant other. Mixing it with some music.  

And as you know, I absolutely follow my heart. Philosophy is the key to my life!

You can connect with me on my RJ Page:

Adios for now, will catch you on ON-AIR Mon-Fri 7-10am only on 1480 AM Radio DA-BANG!

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